The American Idol (snooks) wrote in syn_promo,
The American Idol

Dan Shapiro, the author and owner of Nothing Severed Yet (a woodworking 'blog I promoted here a few weeks ago), has asked that we point LJ toward a new URL for his syndication:
[...]I changed my syndication format. Let me know (dan -at- danshapiro -dot- com) if you have any problems reading it. It will probably reset you "unread items" count--sorry about that. If you're reading via the Livejournal feed, please redirect your reader to instead to take advantage of it (and simplify my statistics tracking)[...]
I've created a new feed, nothingsevered to reflect his wishes; if you subscribe to the previous feed (nothing_severed), please dump it and sign up with the new one (again, that's nothingsevered).

I'll go try to find the link to report an unwanted feed now...
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