Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote in syn_promo,
Chris Schmidt

LJ Drama Org

LJ Drama (ljdramaorg) has been suspended. Both this account and memepool2 will no longer function correctly as feeds (unless they get unsuspended, which I doubt.) is the table form of the generated feeds - it's a BIG file (i used Lj-user tags offsite, which is a fair amount of bits.) Right now it's sitting at about a 150 kb file. I will update that pretty much everytime I add a new feed, so that should be the most up to date information. Please note, this link is not LJ-sponsered or supported. Contents could change, availability subject to suck due to UIUC being unavailable, etc. It's mine, and I will leave it there, but it's in no way related to LiveJournal.

Please note that some feeds may fail if the script is run at busy times, and with how often I've been running it, I'm not really worrried about fixing it. If a feed has (failed) in the readership column, check the userinfo. If it's suspended, I can't change that. If it's still there, it's just a failed check on the script run.

Additional spammy information contained in that page: cost per feed (below readers), last time updated (as opposed to last date.) Additionally, a key is located at the top.

Happy syn-ing!
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