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New at LJ: Buffalo Beast

New at LJ, here's buffalo_beast, the best "alternative newsweekly" in the US. It's like a cross between the la_weekly and theonionfeed.

The Buffalo Beast is run by the same batch of malcontents behind the Moscow-based expatriate newspaper The eXile (lj: exileru). The eXile made big news in April 2001 when staffer Matt Taibbi burst into the Moscow offices of The New York Times and flung a cream pie filled with horse sperm in the face of bureau chief Michael Wines.

Here's some recent Buffalo Beast stories:

  • TV Highlights The X-Files: Mulder returns to search for a decent movie role; Scully kicks his ass for screwing up her meal ticket. [...] The Really Real World: Starving cast members are evicted from posh and spacious apartment and forced to take demeaning, low-paying dead end jobs just to make rent at their new roach-infested shithole. Spoiled bitches go back home to their parents.
  • The Tet Defensive [...]We are now involved in a time-travel war, a bloody Back to the Future sequel in which Michael J. Fox revisits the 1960s to rescue our country from the media-induced defeatism it experienced during and after the Vietnam War. In this movie, Robert McNamara is George McFly; he kisses the girl at the Tet Offensive and 30 years later gets his book deal.[...]
  • The Beast Page 3 Unreliable Hideous Drug Fiend: Courtney Love
  • George W. Bush's Guide to the Rapture -- brought to you by low-carb communion wafers
  • Beast-O-Scopes: [...] Sagittarius (November 23 - December 21): I have only one thing to say you, Sagittarius; I have a video of some guy rubbing corn oil all over your girlfriend's tits. [...]
  • The Kerry Challenge: [...] It would seem that Bush is another "Teflon President," or more aptly that his supporters are equipped with Teflon skulls, easily deflecting documented abuses of power lest they fully register in their brains. [...]

(Not to be confused with buffalo_report, altho that's good too. Waka waka!)

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