Token Geek Girl (syreene) wrote in syn_promo,
Token Geek Girl

I don't have a paid account, so I thought I would share this for those who can make the feed. features links to news stories published in major media outlets and scientific publications in the U.S. and around the world. Every day, EHN posts anywhere from 40 to over 100 links, to sources as distinct as the Wall Street Journal, the Naples News, Harlingen Valley Morning Star and the Jakarta Post. Items posted cover a wide range of opinion and perspective, reflecting world media coverage of environmental health issues. A daily email update is available, as is a sophisticated search engine that accesses a huge database of news stories on a full range of environmental health topics.

Besides its coverage on chemicals and health problems, also tracks news reports on the health impacts of global warming, energy policy, power plant pollution, factory farming, sewage and other environmental issues with health implications.

Because of the important intersection between science and public policy, has given particular attention to coverage of the administration's treatment of science.

For those wishing to add it to their own websites, is syndicated in RSS format. RSS is a publishing method that enables owners of other websites to add a news box, or news page, with headlines that refresh automatically whenever is updated.
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