Rillaith (rillaith) wrote in syn_promo,

The Modern Antiquarian & Megalithic Portal feeds

Two comprehensive sites containing large volumes of collected information, folklore and images of ancient sites in the UK & Ireland, and elsewhere. They've been really useful when looking for something to visit near where I've planned to be. Users contribute additional information on a regular basis, and they provide RSS feeds of these.

The Modern Antiquarian covers ancient sites in the UK and Ireland. modantiquarian contains the weblog (blog-type posts from users), modantiq_latest has all the latest user information posts and images, and modantiq_news covers the most recent news posts.

The Megalithic Portal and Megalith Map covers Europe and the rest of the world, and is covered with megalithic_news for the recent news posts, and megalith_images for recently uploaded images.

I hope these will be of interest to some of you :)
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