Virginia Lore (mystic_savage) wrote in syn_promo,
Virginia Lore

Mystic Savage: A Feed for the Imagination

Hi all, I'd like to let you know about Mystic Savage: A Feed for the Imagination. (URL here: I update frequently--every day, sometimes a couple times a day--but limit myself to two items per update.

ABOUT MYSTIC SAVAGE I look for links that inspire playfulness and artistry, and I'm also attracted to those tidbits of news that ignite more holistic possibilities, both personal and global. In contrast to promotional and commercial sites, Mystic Savage seeks to provide access to content that is inherently valuable for its own sake. It is my hope that what you read here will be a salve to all the "don'ts" of the world, and encouragement to believe in the validity of your own voice, wherever it may lead you. If this sounds like your cup of coffee, please check it out. (You can also visit the website: ) Thanks, Virginia
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