MagicPointeShoes (magicpointeshoe) wrote in syn_promo,

Leo Laporte

The leoville blogs have changed syndication feeds.  I did my best to switch them over, but the urls he gave were wrong, in the mean time other users created duplicate accounts here on livejournal so, by the time I figured out the mess, I tried to fix the three main feeds.

leo_blog  The main atom feed that shows the whole article is: (which is what I orginally tried to get fixed over)

leoblog_ee  Is now a dead feed that is no longer in use.  It was created with a faulty rss_2.0 feed by someone who didn't bother to email livejournal support to have the original switched over.  By the time I figured out the right url, it was already being used for another feed so now this feed can't be corrected.

leo_blog_ee  is the original rss feed, again originally created by someone with the wrong url.  I requested it be changed over to the correct url and should now be functioning.  The difference between this and leo_blog is that the above shows the whole post, this skims.

Leo Laporte used to be a main fixture of techtv, his entries usually give tech news and whatever neat things are happening in his life.
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