Geek of Bronze (shoutingboy) wrote in syn_promo,
Geek of Bronze

New feed: MysteryPollster blog

mysterypollster is a syndicated feed from the new blog It's a blog by a professional political pollster:

I am a Democratic pollster, but my aim here is not to try to spin the latest poll results in any particular direction. There are many other voices in the blogosphere that perform that function admirably. My hope is to provide a bit of straight shooting – the same role I play for my clients – with respect to polling methodology and what the polls can and cannot tell us about the state of the campaign. I also hope provide a bit of criticism and fact checking on the good, bad and ugly of surveys in the public domain. That’s criticism in the formal sense, less about attacking and casting blame than about evaluating and providing an authoritative though, admittedly, subjective opinion.
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