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Tom Tomorrow

Tom Tomorrow is a (very) liberal leaning, and very funny, comic artist. I created a feed for Tom Tomorrow's weblog at:

This is for his (most entertaining and informative) weblog at:

NOT for his (very funny) comic, which isn't available through a feed, but you can find it in most weekly readers in most cities, or at:

I corresponded with Tom Tomorrow and he said creating the feed was fine with him. Incidentally, at first Tom thought the feed was syndicating his entire blog entry and he did not want the entire entry reposted, but after I explained that the feed would just be a summary of his entry, and that people still needed to click through to his site to see the full entry, he said no problem. I think a lot of people running Movable Type, as Tom does, don't realize that the index.rdf file gets generated by default, so it's important to drop the weblog author a courtesy e-mail when creating a feed on livejournal, in my opinion.

I suggest the following description:

tomorrowfeed - Weblog from Tom Tomorrow, comic artist for This Modern World
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