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Updated userinfo - running the new funky script

Sorry for the delay folks, but here it is!

The funky syn script was created and run by crschmidt.

We now have a total 260 feeds and 9347 readers!

This is an automated script, and due to my stupid email, it's got a few extra spaces in it at the moment (I'm slowly editing those out). If you have any feedback, or suggestions about the way the information is generated, please comment to this post.

This community is for the promotion of rss feeds on LiveJournal.

  • (number of Readers in brackets)

  • Crossed out feeds are currently having problems, unrelated to Parsing.
    If you see an active feed that is crossed out, please report it.

  • Parse error denotes a feed that is having intermittent parsing problems

  • Bad RSS feed indicates a feed with permanent errors

  • German RSS feeds in non-English languages are bolded,
    and noted prior to the feed description.

  • N indicates the feed author has been notified of their feed
    being syndicated at LiveJournal.

List last updated 4th January 2003
Reader figures last updated 4th January 2003
(list and figures courtesy of crschmidt's scripting talents)
Please bear with me as I fix up the spaces caused by my email auto-wrap *eep*

All feed descriptions are now pulled directly from the feed.
if you would like one changed, please post to the community.

List so far:
a_fdotcom: Action-Figure an action figure
and toy news site (6) Updated: 2003-01-03
adamw: Adam Wendt's Agnostic Audiophile Smorgasbord Adam Wendt's Agnostic Audiophile Smorgasborg (3) Updated: 2003-01-01 N
adultfilmfan: Adult Film - Porn News Reviews and Interviews! for fans of the
adult film industry (1) Updated: 2003-01-01
advogato: Advogato The free software developer's advocate (7)Updated: 2002-12-31
aethelmearc_web: the website for the Kingdom of AEthelmearc (5) Updated: 2002-12-04 N
aldaily: Arts & Letters Daily - ideas, criticism, debate Arts and Letters Daily (7) Updated: 2003-01-03
alternatenews: alternate news stories the big channels won't run (20) Updated: 2002-10-25 , Parse Error
alternetorgiraq: alt news on upcoming war with Iraq (0) Unable to find updated date. , Bad RSS Feed, Parse Error
ananova_quirky: Ananova: Quirkies Ananova:quirkies
(8) Updated: 2003-01-03
andrewsullivan: Andrew Sullivan "Daily dish" blog from political pundit Andrew Sullivan (2) Updated: 2003-01-02
angst_tech: Angst Technology (0) Unable to find updated date. , Bad RSS Feed, Parse Error
apod: Astronomy Picture of the Day Astronomy Picture of the Day (111) Updated: 2003-01-03
appellate: How Appealing legal feed devoted to litigation by appeals (6) Updated: 2003-01-03
appleturns: As the Apple Turns Mac Rumour site as the Apple Turns (13) Updated: 2002-12-13
aquarionics: Aquarionics The life, times, and links of Nicholas Aquarion Avenell (9) Updated: 2003-01-02
ars_technica: Ars Technica the pc enthusiast's resource -comp/sci/tech news (15) Updated: 2003-01-02
b3ta: B3TA: Weblog the
weblog from the lovely insane people at b3ta (9) Updated: 2003-01-03
baptism: Halliday news
What's new with - grammarian, sermons, Halliday news (1)
Updated: 2002-12-15
bbcnewsworld: BBC News | World | UK Edition World News from the BBC (188) Updated: 2003-01-03
bbctech: BBC News | Technology | UK Edition BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
(3) Updated: 2003-01-03
bbcukfrontpage: BBC News | Front Page | UK Edition BBC News | Front Page | UK Edition (6) Updated: 2003-01-03
benham_referrer: Ben - Reader's Blogs People to comment on in the last month (1) Updated: 2002-12-20
benhammersley: Content Syndication with RSS
Content Syndication with XML and RSS (3) Updated: 2002-12-09 N
bifurcated: Bifurcated Rivets Eclectica for Epopts - Lindsay Marshall's weblog (2) Updated: 2003-01-03
billsaysthis: BillSaysThis Weblog Bill wanders the real and online worlds and posts thoughts and links (1) Updated:
blogzilla: Blogzilla - a blog about Mozilla Blogzilla - a blog about Mozilla (8) Updated: 2002-12-11
bluesnews: Blue's News gaming news (2) Updated: 2003-01-02
bmdl_web: the website for the Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands (3) Updated: 2002-12-16
boingboing_net: Boing Boing Blog directory of wonderful things (53)Updated: 2003-01-02
bondagefiles: The Bondage File Weird news from the San Francisco Chronicle (11) Updated: 2003-01-02
boondocks: Comics: Boondocks comic strip (398) Updated: 2003-01-02
boymostlikely: boy
most likely
boymostlikely (44) Updated: 2003-01-03 N
braintrust_feed: The Brains Trust British topical and political satire, funny jokes, twisted humour (2) Updated: 2002-11-29
brunching: The Brunching Shuttlecocks the Brunching Shuttlecocks (113) Updated: 2003-01-01
buffy_news: Moreover - Buffy the Vampire Slayer news Buffy the Vampire Slayer news (20) Updated: 2003-01-02
bugpowder_rss: BugPowder A notice board and evolving discussion forum for the UK small press comics community. (2) Updated: 2003-01-03
c_a_r_s: Crazy
Apple Rumors Site
Crazy Apple Rumours Site (9) Updated: 2003-01-02

calnhobbes: Comics: Calvin and Hobbes Classic Calvin & Hobbes comics (146) Updated: 2003-01-02
catandgirl: Cat and
Webcomic about a cat and a girl (20)Updated: 2002-12-29
catharsis_comic: (1) Unable to find updated date. ,Bad RSS Feed, Parse Error
advisories (131) Updated: 2002-12-19
chicagonewsfeed: Moreover
- moreover...
moreover - Chicago news headlines from around the web
(3) Updated: 2003-01-03
chicky_net: Crazy Bitch
with Webcam. Film at 11
Chicky's Personal Journal (9) Updated: 2003-01-02
chris_pirillo: C:\PIRILLO.EXE Chris Pirillo of Lockergnome and techTV (8) Updated: 2002-12-28
cnetnewsdotcom: CNET CNET news (35) Updated: 2003-01-02
cnndotcom: (0) Updated: 2002-10-15 Not being updated
coding_strange: StrangeCoding Strange Coding (4) Updated: 2003-01-01
cnntopstories: CNN Top Stories
CNN Top news stories (27) Updated: 2003-01-03
comicreviews: Comics Worth Reading Comic book reviews and recommendations (11) Updated: 2003-01-03
commondreams: CommonDreams NewsWire from (21) Updated: 2002-12-28
conversatron: The
Conversatron: An Experiment in Distributed Pop Culture (2) Updated: 2003-01-02
cruel_com: Cruel Site of the
(14) Updated: 2003-01-02
cs_monitor: Christian Science Monitor | Top Stories Read the front page stories of (14) Updated: 2003-01-02
davebarrycolumn: Dave Barry humorous commentary and facetiousness every day (372)Updated: 2003-01-01
daypop_top40: Daypop
Top 40
Top 40 most linked to weblog memes. (6)Updated: 2003-01-03
de_heise_news: heise online news the heise news ticker lists computer bix and technology related news (3)Updated: 2003-01-03 German
de_telepolis: Telepolis
a "magazine of net culture", oriented towards culture and politics. (7) Updated: 2003-01-03 German
decafbad: 0xDECAFBAD
0xDECAFBAD (3) Updated: 2003-01-02
dictionary_wotd: Word of the DayLookup's Word Of The Day (220) Updated: 2003-01-03
diepunyhumans: Die Puny Humans The
weblog of Warren Ellis (34) Updated: 2003-01-03 N
diffstrings: different strings
strings blog, commentary (5) Updated: 2003-01-02
digital_ed: My ham
smells like pee aka, I'm covered in bees!
a blog (8) Updated:
digitalphoto: Digital
Photography Review (
Digital Photography Review
( Latest digital camera news, review, and comparisons (8)
Updated: 2003-01-03
dilbert_feed: Comics:
Comics: Dilbert (204) Updated: 2003-01-02 ,
Parse Error
dilbertdaily: Dilbert Daily
Dilbert! (716) Updated: 2003-01-02
disinfo: Disinformation Disinformation alt
news. "Everything you know is wrong." (35) Updated: 2003-01-02

dnalounge: DNA Lounge:
What's New
see userinfo (50) Updated: 2002-12-29
doonesbury: Comic
s: Doonesbury
Trudeau's classic comic (205) Updated: 2003-01-03

dorktowerfeed: Comics: Dork Tower
(190) Updated: 2003-01-02 , Parse Error
dotkde: KDE Dot News KDE
news (13) Updated: 2003-01-03
drivethrufeed: 24-hour
24-hour drive-thru weblog - Commentary from Mitch Wagner
(1) Updated: 2002-12-28
dutchfurs: Dutch Furs
KDE news (1) Updated: 2003-01-02
economist_books: Economist: Books
Economist: Books (3) Updated: 2003-01-02
economist_world: Economist: World
Economist: World (5) Updated: 2003-01-02
eff_action: EFF: Action
Center Alerts
Take Action! (10) Updated: 2002-12-12
eff_feed: Consensus at
the undertakings of the Broadcast Protection Discussion
Group (16) Updated: 2002-12-23
effpress: EFF: Press
advisories and press releases (8) Updated: 2002-12-20
entertain_news: Moreover
Entertainment: general news
Entertainment General News from (1) Updated: 2003-01-03
entweekly: Entertainment
Entertainment Weekly (12) Updated: 2003-01-03
enworldfeed: EN World Morrus'
News & Reviews Site (7) Updated: 2003-01-02
errantstory: Errant
Michael Poe's Errant Story (14) Updated: 2003-01-03
evhead: EVHEAD the
of the CEO of (2) Updated: 2003-01-03
exodusfeed: exodus bloggings of a
twenty year old artist and writer (2) Updated: 2003-01-02
explodingcigar: Exploding Cigar Weird News
from Real Sources (8) Updated: 2003-01-03
exploitationnow: this comic has closed,see errantstory (13)
Updated: 2002-11-11 , Parse Error
farkdotcom: (4) Unable to find updated date. invalid

farkrss: FARK (9)
Updated: 2003-01-03
film_ru: Film.Ru
???????????? ?????????? (7) Updated: 2002-12-30 Russian
film_unlimited: Film Unlimited News and
interviews of new British film releases, from The Guardian (6)
Updated: 2003-01-03
fishbowl_all: The
tail -f /dev/mind > blog (6) Updated: 2003-01-01
news portal for news portal for furry fandom (25) Updated: 2003-01-02

foxtrot_feed: Comics: FoxTrot
newspaper comic, with the geeky kid (381) Updated: 2003-01-02

freedomtotinker: Freedom To Tinker Edward
Felton's weblog about electronic freedom (8) Updated: 2003-01-02
freshmeatdotnet: the web's largest index
of Unix and cross-platform open source software (5) Updated:
Interaction Design, Buffy, Usability, flotsam in Kevin Fox's head (2)
Updated: 2002-12-29
gamingreport: (4) Updated:
gay_news: gay news
From the Gay_Blog. (10) Updated: 2002-12-29 ,

gaynews: Moreover - Gay
Contains news from (4) Updated: 2003-01-03

gayuk_books: UK Books
(2) Updated: 2002-12-01
Daily Headlines: Entertainment
Entertainment headlines from (2) Updated: 2003-01-03
gayuk_movies: UK
(2) Updated: 2002-12-01
gnosis_feed: Gnosis an illuminating salon
blog (4) Updated: 2003-01-02
go_ask_alice: Go Ask Alice!:
New Alice! Questions
New Go Ask Alice questions (2) Updated:
gominosensei: gomi no
ramblings of a deranged twentysomething burnt out on life as
he knows it (5) Updated: 2003-01-02
gomono: Mono Project
Mono Project News: a portable implementation of the .NET
Framework (5) Updated: 2002-12-17
googleblog: Google
The latest news on everyone's favorite search engine (23)
Updated: 2003-01-02
heartmath_feed: HeartMath Report emotional
intelligence, stress research and neuroscience HeartMath Report (5)
Updated: 2003-01-01
heartmath_rss: HeartMath Report Hosted by
newsisfree. Same as heartmath_feed. (0) Updated: 2003-01-02
hixie_log: Hixie's Natural
Commentary, cats, and idiocy around Ian's world (1) Updated:
hpana: Harry Potter
Automatic News Aggregator
Complete Harry Potter coverage from top
news sources (22) Updated: 2003-01-03
humanrightsnews: Moreover
- Human rights news
Human Rights News from (4)
Updated: 2003-01-03
hyatt_weblog: Confessions of a
David Hyatt's Weblog (2) Updated: 2002-12-16
iht_opinion: IHT:
the International Herald Tribune editorial page (5)
Updated: 2003-01-02
inpassingorg: In
Random overheard comments from around Berkeley (20)
Updated: 2003-01-02 , Parse Error
insidemacgames: Inside Mac Games Random
overheard comments from around Berkeley (8) Updated: 2003-01-02

interconnected: Interconnected
The weblog of Matt Webb. Posts are internet geek topics and
human-computer interaction, with other things. (5) Updated:
2003-01-02 N
jamieongamedev: literaryPretensions News
Jamie on Game Development (0) Updated: 2003-01-01 , Parse

jeffes_world: Winnipeg Blues The wonderful
tales of Jeffe (1) Updated: 2002-12-11
jejblog: jej blog Who
is your daddy and what does he do? (8) Updated: 2003-01-02
jeremy_zawodny: Jeremy Zawodny's blog
Jeremy Zawodny's blog Linux, Perl, MySQL, Open Source, random stuff
Updated: 2003-01-01
jerkcity: Jerkcity
(28) Unable to find updated date. Having some

joehewitt: Weblog
(2) Updated: 2003-01-02
joelonsoftware: Joel
on Software
Painless Software Management (19) Updated: 2003-01-02

journalreview: Live
Journal Review
The definitive place to get your daily required
reading (44) Updated: 2002-12-28
jumpingmonkeys: Jumping Monkeys Megan
Morrone's Personal Blog (10) Updated: 2003-01-01
kcuf: Kevin's Compendium of
Useless Fantasia
My attempt at a monthly publication of some of my
creative endeavors (3) Updated: 2003-01-01
kellybellydtnet: random ramblings -
- the random ramblings of a twenty-something c
No longer exists -
use randomramblings (6) Updated: 2002-12-16
kevinkell: Comics:
Kevin & Kell
Comics: Kevin & Kell (41) Updated: 2003-01-02

kuro5hin: technology and
from the trenches (167) Updated: 2003-01-02
lambda_ultimate: Lambda
the Ultimate
The Programming Languages Weblog! (11) Updated:
lawrencelessig: Lessig Blog
of the School's Center for Internet and Society (26) Updated:
2003-01-02 N
leftfootliving: The Left Foot
Living Review
irregular journal of style, trend, fashion, and
innovation (8) Updated: 2002-12-30
leovillefeed: Leoville Leo Laporte's web log
(12) Updated: 2003-01-01
libjrnl_prepub: Library Journal: PrePub Alert (3)
Updated: 2002-11-25
librariandotnet: putting the rarin'
back in librarian since 1993 (40) Updated: 2002-12-30
linux_journal: Linux
Linux Journal focuses specifically on Linux and other
open-source OSes (6) Updated: 2003-01-02
linuxtoday: Linux Today
Linux Today News Service (28) Updated: 2003-01-03
Library and Information Science News (25) Updated: 2003-01-02

listmaker_feed: (0) Unable to find updated date.
listmaker_feed2: Keepers of Lists The ancient
order of the Keepers of Lists (1) Updated: 2003-01-03
(12) Updated: 2003-01-01
ljdramaorg: ljdrama files: This is where drama comes to die
publicly. and then some (fail) Unable to find updated date.
Suspended account.
lockergnome: Lockergnome's Bits and
technology news and links from the perspective of a
Lockergnomie (6) Updated: 2003-01-03 , Parse Error
lonecat: LoneCat Lonecat's Diary
(7) Updated: 2003-01-01
lwn: is a
comprehensive source of Linux news and opinions (0) Updated:
maccentral: MacCentral MacCentral is the
leading resource for Macintosh-related headline news (3) Updated:
macminute: Up-to-the-Minute Apple
Mac News
(7) Updated: 2003-01-03
macosxhints: Mac OS X
Get the most from X! (21) Updated: 2003-01-03
macslash: MacSlash: A
daily dose of Macintosh News and Discussion
A daily dose of
Macintosh News and Discussion (12) Updated: 2003-01-03
marijuanadotcom: Marijuana.Com news on medical
marijuana, legalization efforts, etc (3) Updated: 2003-01-03
megatokyocomic: Comics:
a webcomic, MegaTokyo (246) Updated: 2003-01-02
memepool: Memepool
Updated: 2003-01-02
memepool2: (fail) Unable to find updated date.
suspended account
metafilter: MetaFilter The past 24 hours of
MetaFilter (55) Updated: 2003-01-03 N
mike_radwin: Michael J. Radwin's
An experiment in self-indulgence (0) Updated: 2003-01-02

mitch_kapor: Mitch Kapor's
Weblog from the founder of Lotus, Inc. Watch out, Microsoft!
(11) Updated: 2002-12-29
mitchwagner: Monkeys
In My Pants
24-hour drive-thru weblog - Commentary from Mitch
(7) Updated: 2003-01-01
modrnwrld_blog: This Modern World This
World weblog, by Tom Tomorrow (28) Updated: 2003-01-02
modrnwrld_comic: This Modern World
This Modern World comic, by Tom Tomorrow (90) Updated: 2002-12-14

moreovrfootball: Moreover
- Sports: American football news
Sports: American football news (1)
Updated: 2003-01-03
morons: Morons Dot Org
Exposing the insanity and stupidity in the world (13) Updated:
morrissey_solo: Morrissey-solo News about the
musical artist Morrissey and his band (2) Updated: 2003-01-03
motivationquote: Motivational Quotes of
the Day
Four motivational quotations each day from The Quotations
Page (12) Updated: 2003-01-02
motley_fool: The Motley
To Educate, Amuse, and Enrich (11) Updated: 2003-01-02

movie_reviews_: Entertainment: Movie Reviews from (1) Unable to find updated date. , Bad RSS
Parse Error

mozillaorg: Mozilla Dot
the website (15) Updated: 2002-12-13
mozillazine: MozillaZine Your source for
Mozilla news, advocacy, interviews, builds, and more! (9) Updated:
mpthomas: mpt
Usability design pundit Matthew Thomas (9) Updated: 2003-01-01
mrsnotnesbitt: The website caught with its panties down (3) Updated:
neilgaimanblog: Neil Gaiman's blog (94) Updated:
Blogger Problems
nonsquitor_feed: Comics: Non Sequitur
Non-Sequitor comic by Wylie (64) Updated: 2003-01-02
nooface: Nooface: In Search of
the Post-PC Interface
A news site run on Slash whose purpose is "to
support the exchange of ideas about next-generation user interfaces"
Updated: 2003-01-02
npr: (0) Unable to find updated date. , Bad RSS
Feed, Parse Error

npr_: NPR News (Audio)
(11) Updated: 2003-01-03
nzaardvark: Aardvark
NZ's leading source of Net-Industry news and commentary (3) Updated:
ogrecave: OgreCave
Unplugged Gaming News And Views (11) Updated: 2003-01-02
oomphgirl: Oomph*Girl The girl with more
Oomph! Oomph*Girl (8) Updated: 2003-01-02
openbsd_journal: OpenBSD
(8) Updated: 2003-01-03
operablog: Beyond 30 Opera
events, tricks and stuff (6) Updated: 2002-12-28 N
oreillynet: O'Reilly Network Articles (6)
Updated: 2003-01-02
os_opinion: osOpinion
Tech commentary from (4) Updated: 2003-01-02
osnews: OSNews
Exploring the future of computing (4) Updated: 2003-01-03
pavlov_blog: Evil
Pavlov's Plans for World Domination (1) Updated:
pennyarcaderss: Comics: Penny Arcade
Comics: Penny Arcade (127) Updated: 2003-01-03
pepys_summary: Pepys' Diary (brief) Summary
feed for pepysdiary (3) Updated: 2003-01-03
peteashton: pete ashton
Pete Ashton's weblog and other bits and bobs, including photos.
Pete is the maintainer of BugPowder and a grandee of the UK small press
comics community. (2) Updated: 2003-01-02
Links, thoughts, and essays from Peter Merholz (2) Updated:

plasticbagorg: Tom
Coates' blog about blogging and online communities (6) Updated:
plasticdotcom: Plastic:
Most Recent
(95) Updated: 2003-01-01
pornclrkstories: True Porn Clerk Stories True Porn Clerk Stories, by Ali
Davis (50) Updated: 2002-11-26
pravda_feed: Pravda.RU:Main Daily Russian
Newspaper Pravda (10) Updated: 2003-01-03
pseudodictionar: (1) Updated: 2002-10-14
pseudorecent: (1) Updated: 2002-11-23
The bunk stops here (3) Updated:
pvpkurtz: PVP comic (0) Unable to find updated date.
, Bad RSS Feed, Parse Error
qotm: quoteofthemoment</ a> Quote of the Moment (1) Updated: 2002-12-30
quote_feed: Quotes
of the Day
4 or 5 quotes every day (22) Updated: 2003-01-03

kellybellydtnet: random
ramblings -
the random ramblings of a 20-something
chick trying to live her life (7) Updated: 2003-01-02
rands_in_repose: Rands
the digital opinion unit of Jerkcity Enterprises (6)
Updated: 2003-01-02
reallifecomic: Comics: Real Life
Comics: Real Life (68) Updated: 2003-01-03
redmeat_rss: Red Meat Red
from the secret files of Max Cannon (50) Updated: 2003-01-01
reuters_oddly: Reu
ters: Oddly Enough
(11) Updated: 2003-01-03
rfbooth: Rick Booth:
Dr. Rick Booth's entertaining weblog on music, movies,
and techie things (2) Updated: 2003-01-02 N
richardwinters: richard[WINTERS]md The life and
times of an emergency room physician geek. (11) Updated: 2002-12-30

roger_ebert: Roger Ebert Movie
Roger Ebert: Movie Reviews Chicago Sun-Times (20)
roseisrose: (1) Unable to find updated date. ,
Bad RSS Feed, Parse Error
rushkoff: Douglas
Rushkoff focusing on politics, media, technology, culture (5)
(191) Updated: 2003-01-02
sarah_t: Somebody
Else's Nimrod
(7) Updated: 2003-01-02
savagelove: Savage Love
RSS feed for Dan Savage's "Savage Love" column. (12) Updated:
scripting: Scripting
(9) Updated: 2003-01-03
shacker2: (10)
shaver_rss2: Mike
(3) Updated: 2003-01-02
shiftlibrarian: The Shifted Librarian
(10) Updated: 2003-01-03 N
sinfestfeed: Comics:
Ironic comic with God, the Devil and one of God's fan boys
(367) Updated: 2003-01-03
sjgames: Daily
The Daily Illuminator is your daily dose of gaming news
(17) Updated: 2003-01-02
slashdot: Slashdot News
for nerds, stuff that matters (448) Updated: 2003-01-03
slashdot_feed: Slashdot
full articles (4) Updated: 2003-01-03
sluggy_comic: Sluggy Freelance (3) Unable to find updated
date. , Bad RSS Feed, Parse Error
- The Official Site
(9) Updated: 2003-01-02
strangels: The random
blatherings of a frustrated writer (1) Updated: 2003-01-02
sweetcode: sweetcode
Sweet Code (103) Updated: 2003-01-02
syn_activexbox: Headlines The Most
Activated XBox Resource (1) Updated: 2003-01-02
syn_dailygame: Xbox News (1)
Updated: 2002-12-20
syn_ignxbox: IGN - XBox
IGN Games delivers daily content that tells you everything going on in
the world of gaming (1) Updated: 2003-01-02
techdirt: Techdirt
Tech news that focuses on big issues, not the daily grind. (9)
Updated: 2003-01-03
theforcenet: all the Star Wars news
you'll ever need (7) Updated: 2003-01-03
themorningnews: The
Morning News - Features
Thoughtful commentary (6) Updated:
theonering_net: TheOneRing.Net
forged by and for fans of JRR Tolkien (39) Updated: 2003-01-03

theonionfeed: The
(502) Updated: 2002-12-18
theperlreview: The
Perl Review, v0 i6, November 2002
(8) Updated: 2002-12-12

theredkitchen: TheRedKitchen (2) Updated:
2003-01-02 N
theregister: The
biting the hand that feeds IT (183) Updated: 2003-01-02
, Parse Error
theregus: The
(2) Updated: 2003-01-02 , Parse Error
thestraightdope: The Straight Dope The
Straight Dope, by Cecil Adams (35) Updated: 2002-12-29
thinkgeek: ThinkGeek:
What's New
cool geek toys aplenty Stuff for Smart Masses (176)
Updated: 2003-01-02
topusnews: Moreover - Top
US stories
Top U.S. News from (2) Updated:

torgoxrss: use Perl Journals The journal of Sean M. Burke (3) Updated: 2003-01-01

uk_fetish_info: ~ UK Fetish Info News
reviews for the UK fetish community. (8) Updated: 2003-01-02 N
unmedia: unmedia
The media is about soundbites, swayed by ideology (2) Updated:
userfriendlyorg: (44) Unable to find updated date.
, Bad RSS Feed, Parse Error
warch: Warchalking
Collaboratively creating a hobo-language for free wireless networking
(7) Updated: 2003-01-03
webdev_news: Moreover -
Web developer news
Web Developer News from (3)
Updated: 2003-01-02
webstandards: Buzz The Buzz: the Web
Standards Project Weblog (53) Updated: 2003-01-01
webster_wotd: Word of the Day
Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day (17) Updated: 2003-01-03
whedonesque: WHEDONesque Blogging the Jossverse
(17) Updated: 2003-01-03
whirlpool_syn: For readers of, Australia's broadband community. (3) Updated:
whump: More
Like This WebLog
it's a blog (5) Updated: 2003-01-02
wigglesfeed: Rehabilitating Mr.
Comic strip published weekly (22) Updated: 2003-01-01
offensive content
wilwheaton: WIL
DOT NET: Where is my mind?
Weblog and commentary, written by actor
and writer Wil Wheaton (330) Updated: 2003-01-01
wilwheaton: Wil
Wheaton dot net
A full feed of Wil Wheaton's blog, rather than just
headlines (110) Updated: 2003-01-02
wiredtopstories: Wired News
(176) Updated: 2003-01-02
writetheweb: WriteTheWeb News for web users that
write back (4) Updated: 2002-12-03
wrote: Wrote
News, Today (3) Updated: 2003-01-01
xbox365com: XBox365
The online magazine dedicated to the microsoft Xbox (1) Updated:
xboxsolutioncom: XboxSolution (1) Updated:
yellowtimes: Alternative news
commentary from (9) Updated: 2003-01-01
yudeline_rss: YudeLine One Jew's News and
Views (1) Updated: 2002-12-31
zeldman: The Daily Report column on webdesign and standards from Jeffrey Zeldman (5)
Updated: 2003-01-02
zfilterdotcom: zFilter
a weird-link weblog (1) Updated: 2003-01-03

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