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Le Monde Diplomatique

Le Monde Diplomatique is now available in English, and they have a RSS feed: le_monde_dip.

This is really very recent apparently. This is the opportunity for you redneck Americans who don't know French to get acquainted with the sophisticated French view of international relations. You won't learn French, which is a pity, but still, you will be able to commune into the French spirit.

Le Monde Diplomatique is a French monthly newspaper, devoted to the analysis of key global issues of our times. It is published in 20 languages, and reaches over one and a half million readers worldwide.
The paper offers a serious and independent analysis of social, political and economic issues, and reports on international developments often ignored by the mainstream press.
Its critique of neoliberalism, militarism, the power of finance capital, and north-south relations have made it a moral and intellectual reference point for those interested in social justice and world affairs. The paper's writers are experts in their fields who propose practical solutions to their readers in clear, literate and often sparkling prose.

I had always wondered why the French didn't translate their journals in English. Now it is done. You can subscribe to the print edition here. $45. Marvelous opportunity. Some of the articles are FREE too (the unstarred ones).

You have to read foreign newspapers now, because US journals are shackled and biased. Listen to the voice of the world. Do not listen to the grumbles of your fat US stomach.
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