Christopher Parker (cparker) wrote in syn_promo,
Christopher Parker

DNC: Kicking Ass

I've gone and done it.

There are two syndicated accounts for the Democratic National Committee's "Kicking Ass" blog already. They are:

  1. dnc_kicking_ass (RSS 0.91)
  2. kickin_ass (RSS 2.0)
The first one only provides short summaries of each blog entry.

The second one provides full content (sans images) of each blog entry.

I recreated the second one: democratsblog

Why? Well, first, "kickin" ain't a word, foo'. Second, from the name kickin_ass, is anyone going to know what exactly it is? No.

Additionally, I'd much rather syndicate a journal named democratsblog than kickin_ass. It just presents itself in a more professional manner.

Not saying "Kicking Ass" isn't a clever name for a blog, because I think it is...

If ALL of them could be deleted, and dnc_kicking_ass could be reinstated to point to the RSS 2.0 feed, then I'd be equally as happy. Really, I mean, why create a syndicated account that points to an RSS 0.91 feed? IMHO, it's a waste.

Okay. I'm done.
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