Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote in syn_promo,
Chris Schmidt

Random Feeds...

Since I want to start reading some RSS feeds again, and everything other than Planet-style aggregation doesn't seem to support ordering by date in total, rather than specific feeds, I've added some feeds that I have interest in to LJ. Most of these are either personal friends or semantic web feeds.

miscoranda - Ramblings of Sean B. Palmer, from Shakespeare to RDF
asynchronousrss - Josh Sled's personal weblog
swig_xmlhack - The daily Chump from #swig on
planetpython - An aggregation of Python weblogs
decafbad_rss - " This is the web site and experimental workbench of tech nerd, tinkerer, and infovore Leslie Michael Orchard."
planetrdf - An aggregation of Semantic Web bloggers
d8uvdotcom_rss - Cody Woodward's personal weblog
aaronswartz - Aaron Swartz's weblog. (This was already listed, but I haven't seen it here.)

I also recently added my "technical" posts as a syndicated account on LiveJournal, as crschmidt_tech.

This is mostly just a "personal" list, but some of these are things that other people might find of interest.
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