Spider (sjspider) wrote in syn_promo,

"Letters to the Internet"

"Remember when we all thought the internet was going to make our lives easier?

How optimistic we all were. But why not? The Cold War was over, so anything was possible, obviously. And yes sir, the internet was going to revolutionize the whole fucking planet. Computers all over the world would be connected, and we'd all be talking to one another -- one great, world-wide open conversation, a dialogue of thoughts, ideas, and PROGRESS! Somewhere along the line, and I'm arbitrarily placing the marker at 1995, that all degenerated into "Hey. Wanna cyber?"

Because all the internet really wants to do is fuck you.

(from Letters to the Internet)

Letters to the Internet is the new blog of John Underwood, a good friend of mine and a somehat decent human being. In it, he writes about whatever happens to be on his mind at the time ... but somehow, reading his random notes on existence always makes me Think. And Thinking is important, you know. He is a keen observer of the human condition, a rare mind in this Future era we live in, and I recommend reading these words of his to any and all. This blog is syndicated on LJ at under_net.
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