Bad Fritz (im not b(r)ad ;-P) (badfritz) wrote in syn_promo,
Bad Fritz (im not b(r)ad ;-P)

german news magazine "Der Spiegel"

Der Spiegel (literally The Mirror) is germany's most prominent and influential news magazine. Like US's Time and Newsweek, its published weekly. I think they would not protest against being called center-left, like New York Times. The feeds:

In english language:

spiegel_english: english main feed: Headlines

In german language:

der_spiegel: german main feed: Schlagzeilen (headlines)

Subtopics in german language:

spiegel_auto: Auto (cars)
spiegel_economy: Wirtschaft (economy)
spiegel_kultur: Kultur (culture, art, music, theater, film, books)
spiegel_net: Netzwelt (internet and telecommunication, technical and cultural)
spiegel_panoram: Bunte Seite (society, celebs, yellow press)
spiegel_politik: Politik (politics)
spiegel_reise: Reise (travel)
spiegel_sport: Sport (sports)
spiegel_uni: UNI-Spiegel (education, universities)
spiegel_wiss: Wissenschaft (science)

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