Kit (extralonglife) wrote in syn_promo,

If you're not already, I'd like to invite you to join dailygarfield. The two Garfield feeds have now been merged together to make this super-reliable, as well as updating daily with a new Garfield comic at about 5am GMT, so you'll get some much-needed merriment to accompany your morning coffee!

We've already got almost 5,000 readers, a great sense of community in the comments in each entry, and we'd love it for you to join us :-). We also have a two-week archive that will help you stay on top of the comics if you don't check every day, without having to go through Friends pages!

- dailygarfield

7/Mar This has been temporarily suspended. We're talking to LJ support about it now, apologies for any inconvinience!

9/Mar In contrary to LJ's own policies, this account has not been unsuspended, nor has LJ seen fit to allow an explanation to it's nearly 5,000 readers. The full explanation from LJAbuse is

Dear Kit,

Thank you for following up with us. There is no way to correct Terms of Service violations within syndication accounts, as they have no owner once they are created. Feeds syndicated to LiveJournal accounts cannot be edited. As the "dailygarfield" feed existed for the sole purpose of reproducing material against its owner's wishes, the account "dailygarfield" itself was inherently in violation of LiveJournal's Terms of Service. Because copyright owners maintain control of their content, as the syndicated account was created without their authorization, they have the ability to request that LiveJournal no longer offer such a feed.

In the case of "dailygarfield," we received a complaint from the copyright holder stating that they had not authorized the distribution of their material via a LiveJournal feed. This is supported by the fact that, their chosen syndicate, does not offer an RSS feed of the material.

For reasons of confidentiality, we cannot share the name or contact information of the person who contacted us without a valid United States court order instructing us to do so. As syndicated accounts have no registered owners, copyright holders who object to their material being distributed via LiveJournal syndication accounts cannot contact a responsible party for the account. They must instead contact the Abuse Team and request that we handle the termination of the infringement ourselves, which can only be done by suspending the synidcation account.

As the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material violates not only LiveJournal's Terms of Service, but United States copyright law as well, the account "dailygarfield" will not be reinstated.

LiveJournal Abuse Team

Deepest apologies to our readers and those who loyally commented.
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