Jacques du Bois (sejdb) wrote in syn_promo,
Jacques du Bois

the new subgenius blog!

The new subgenius_blog is another extension of the SubGenius ministry to the world. If you want to know more about J.R. "Bob" Dobbs and all things SubGenius, take a look!

"The Church of SubGenius is an order of Scoffers and Blasphemers, dedicated to Total Slack, delving into Mockery Science, Sadofuturists, Megaphysics, Scatolography, Schizophreniatrics, Morealism, Sarcastrophy, Cynisacreligion, Apocolyptionomy, ESPectorationalism, Hypno-Pediatrics, Subliminimalism, Satyriology, Dysto-Utopianity, Sardonicology, Fasciestiouism, Ridiculophagy, and Miscellatheistic Theology. "The SubGenius MUST have Slack".
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