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My Syndicated Account

It had been a while since I listed which syndicated accounts I sub to:

aboutfreebies - As the name in implies. Free stuff (and yes, I've used it to get free stuff!)
askyahoo - Yahoo's question of the day.
awfulplasticsur - Bad plastic surgery. Very low volume.
blue_oregon - Oregon political blog
blogthings - Where I get most of my memes
blog_of_death - Obits of famous and not so famous folks.
bill_simmons - ESPN writer who looks at the funny side of sports.
coverville_xml - Three time weekly 30 minute podcast of nothing but covers. Fun stuff!
codeblueblog - CSI meets the medical world
calnhobbes - Calvin and Hobbes feed
factcheckorg - Checks the facts of political stuff. Very low volume
grandrounds - Misnamed by me when I syndicated it. It's the blog of a New England doctor.
go_fug_yourself - Fuggly fashions - worth a chuckle.
geeketiquette - Etiquette for the Geeks. Very funny.
hunkoftheday - Vote on your favorite Hunk du Jour!
hpana - Harry Potter news
is_pisces - Daily Pisces horoscope
intersex_int - Intersex News
journalclub - Supposedly a tour thru medical journals; haven't seen much lately
kittenbreak - Start off the Day with a Picture of a Kitty!
kgwnews - local KGW news feed for Portland OR
lithaven - Taking over for Right Hemisphere; small press doings
medscapenews - syndicated news from Medscape - a must
markevanier - Mark used to write for the Comic Buyer's Guide; talks about everything from comics to politics
newyorkertoon - usually tired New Yorker cartoon of the day. It's one panel but I rarely laugh.
pvpcomic - PvP. 'nuff said. It's a must read! (Brent talked to Max - oh, no!)
pharyngula - Doc PZ Myers talks about all things scientific with an eye towards debunking "intelligent design" (AKA creationism)
peterdavidblog - Peter David, Writer of Stuff
pdx_communique - the One True B!x's take on Portland politics and stuff
ripleys_feed - Ripley's Believe It or Not daily Feed
realityblurred - A must for all your reality TV watchers.
radiostarfleet - if you listen to Radio Starfleet (and why don't you?, a must
stupidceleb - as the title implies, dumb things celebrities do; low volume.
sfi_org - the syndicated announcements of STARFLEET International:
semagic_files - the one and only offline blogger tool for the PC
scifiwire - news and stuff from the Sci-Fi Channel's - good way to keep up with SF happenings
sciam - Scientific American news
thelingualnerve - Another medical blog; low volume
urbanwordofday - Fo shizzle; keep up with the shout outs of your hommies!
varioussundry - Audie talks about everything especially American Idol
wilwheaton - Wil Wheaton's blog; great reading!
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