Jae (jaerune) wrote in syn_promo,

Comic and Blog

Well, I'm probably about as intelligent as a brick. It took me a week to figure how exactly to post here, but... now that I have... here's info on my Blog and my Comic.

jaerune_com is the blog for the main page of my website http://www.jaerune.com/ a personal site devoted, mostly, to my comic. Although my writings and artwork are there, they don't get updated enough to have feeds of their own.

jaerune_comics is my feed for my comics page. My comics currently update at least monday, wednesday and friday. There are about 11 comics up to date, but the reason this is marked MATURE is that I don't down-play the language, and I do include nudity every now and again.

My comics are pretty much all humor driven. I don't remark on events of the day much (unless it happens to deal with video games), and I tend to go over jokes that have been gone over before (though I like to think that once in awhile I provide a fresh angle). I've got a core base of readers of probably no more than 10. Mostly, I guess, I'm drawing this for myself.

I'm using a custom-written script to update my comics page, and a special phpBB-based script to update my Blog. I call it a blog for lack of a better name. My entire site, save the comic archive, is driven by phpBB 2 and is a custom job written entirely by me alone. I say this only because if you want to know what wonderful scripts I use to update my site, it's mostly a polyglot of hack-jobs. A lot of custom scripts, and four core scripts that are written by others: phpBB 2, phpbb_fetch_all, RSS Feed 2.2.1, and webComicConfig.
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