rance (rance) wrote in syn_promo,

New and/or notable feeds

hells_dot_org -- Syndicated from hells.org community blog. Frequent topics include magick, gnosis, philosophy, conspiracy, technology, contemporary poetics, & music.

filmfodder_news -- Movie reviews, DVD reviews, upcoming DVD releases, & other news from Filmfodder

commons_blog -- Blog from free culture activist David Bollier and other contributors to On the Commons. Sample of recent posts: "Can the Color Magenta Be Owned?", "PBS, R.I.P.", "Grokster and the Fate of Open Culture", "The Illusory Self-Made Man", and "Big-Boxes vs. Local Culture"

cdt_headlines -- News headlines from the Center for Democracy and Technology, dedicated to promoting "democratic values and constitutional liberties in the digital age".

Also, three feeds syndicated from the Village Voice: voice_music, voice_film, & voice_news
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