The Man Who Wasn't There (scarcrest) wrote in syn_promo,
The Man Who Wasn't There

Light of Reason feed

light_of_reason syndicates the blog of Arthur Sibler. Topics covered included "Politics, aesthetics, general cultural issues and more."

Recent entries include the State Department's discontinuing its annual report on international terrorism, Christian conservatives' efforts to block a vaccine that could prevent cervical cancer (because they figure women who have sex should pay for it, I guess), and Republicans' efforts to block additional funding for the Veterans Administration. There's also a neat piece about using infrared scanners to recover ancient Greek and Roman writings that had been presumed lost forever.

If you're guessing it leans to the left, you're right, as in "correct."

Edited to add: Actually, it's more libertarian than left-leaning; at the time I plugged this, he just happened to be covering a few real doozies from the Republicans. He's since also gone after the Left a bit, as well.
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