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LiveJournal user designs the ultimate RSS newsreader?!

Dmitry Jemerov, aka yole, has released Syndirella, a RSS news aggregator, to a rather enthusiastic audience. Infact, Syndirella made the #1 position on Daypop's coveted "weblogging hot topics" list.

Well-known weblogger and syndication authority Mark Pilgrim says -
"This is the news aggregator for Windows I've been waiting for."

  • Open source (GPL-licensed)

  • A real application.

  • Simple 3-paned interface, ala NetNewsWire.

  • RSS autodiscovery, and then some. It tries harder, like all news aggregators should.

  • Support for <content:encoded> (full HTML posts).

  • Support for <pubDate> and <dc:date> (item-level dates).

  • Per-feed subscription properties (including how often to check for updates).

  • Lots of other cool little features.

  • And most importantly, a built-in scraper, ala RSSDistiller and Cheesegrater. Allows you to configure it to read stubborn sites that don’t provide RSS feeds.

Note: requires the .NET framework. This will not install any evil spyware on your system or force you to sign up for Passport. It's just a bunch of APIs that sit around waiting to be called. It is 20 MB, though.

Here's what Sindirella looks like -

Recently, jwz was criticizing the trend of people asking for their feeds to be removed from LiveJournal, saying that such acts could create a situation in which only technically astute "criminals" with lots of time on their hands to roll their own feeds would get to benefit from the technology. Sindirella changes this. Now, any Windows user can scrape all the RSS feeds that they want. (I don't think Cindirella allows automated sharing/posting to the web of scraped feeds -- yet -- but it's probably not too far behind.)
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