evan (cycloplegia) wrote in syn_promo,

building an army, one journal at a time. . .

caseselfloather. . .

this is the feed for the amazing, and ever-loved caseselfloather.net. . . it's a webcomic (or, web-doodle, whichever makes you happier) that's based on the ancient single-frame, daily updated principle. . . important topics such as nail guns, love, and pudding are tackled by our panel of experts. . . operators are standing by. . .

so, you too can now invest in an army of laser-wielding monkeys and add the feed to your very own friend's list. . . how cool is that?

the recent format's a little different than usual due to an anniversary extraveganza (check the site's news archives for details), but it's still as sexy as ever. . . everything will be back to normal before the week is out. . .

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