A Place To Crash (ariedana) wrote in syn_promo,
A Place To Crash

Nashville News & Weather Blogs

Here are some new feeds that may be of some interest to those in the area...

nashville_talk - Nashville Is Talking is a blog that is operated by WKRN-TV in Nashville, which aggregates a variety of local blogs and also has discussion on a variety of hot topics in town.

nashvillewx - NashvilleWX.com is the group weblog for the WKRN-TV weather team. It has daily forecasts, weather maps and interesting meteorology facts for the Middle Tennessee area.

neil_orne - NeilOrne.com is the personal weblog of WKRN morning anchor Neil Orne.

dwyerwire - Dwyer Wire is the sports blog of WKRN's sports director John Dwyer.

wkrn_news, wkrn_sports and wkrn_video were already syndicated on LJ.

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