Bobby Blackwolf (blackwolfga) wrote in syn_promo,
Bobby Blackwolf
syn_promo - All Games, Gadgets, and Gear

allgames_com started as the All Games Network in 1996 as a multimedia network for gamers. Using Real Audio, founder Scot Rubin produces a weekly talk show called "Game Time!", featuring interviews with game developers, reviews of new software, and news about the computer game industry.

He then teamed up with to go daily and produce even more gaming content until the Dot Com bubble burst in 2000. Scot then moved to California to help start the G4 TV network.

Last year he left G4 to start back up All Games Productions to develop television, radio, and Internet content about the gaming industry, and the front page is a blog about what the staff feels is interesting about the interactive entertainment industry, posted to by Scot, myself, and several other contributors.
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