Kall (kall_nzb) wrote in syn_promo,

NZBoards - The Online Kiwi Community

Name: NZBoards - The Online Kiwi Community (NZ Boards)

URL: http://www.nzboards.com

LJ Syn: nzboards

Description: Free, fun and easy...NZB provides a place for Kiwis (New Zealanders)
and people from around the world to meet, chat, play games and be entertained.

For the person wanting to visit New Zealand or emigrate here, the community
can provide the kind of knowledge that can only come from somebody who has lived

Start date: Nov 2003

Tell us more: Created just over 18 months ago and constantly evolving
since, NZB is a fun place to go.

In addition to the Forums, we have a Photo Gallery, Games Arcade (with high
score tables - compete against the community for the top spot!), Flashchat Chatroom
and free yourname@nzboards.com email addresses available to all members.

Activity on the Forums and Photo Gallery is rewarded with NZB Points, which
are spent on Name effects, plays in the Arcade and other little bonuses.

Recently passing the 500 member mark, NZB is still a young site, but will be
around for as long as I have breath. :)

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