Christopher Parker (cparker) wrote in syn_promo,
Christopher Parker

Bruce Eckel's New Blog

People on the eckel-oo-programming mailing list probably know by now that Bruce Eckel has ditched Blogger--and by proxy onthethought--and has started a new blog at Artima. To accomodate, I have created a new syndicated feed: artima_beckel

I've created the new feed instead of having the old one changed because Bruce's new blog is not called "On the Thought".

The feed is not updated on a very frequent basis, so traffic is considerably low.

Bruce's explanation, from the latest newsletter:
* Fewer newsletters, more blogs

You'll notice the frequency of this newsletter has steadily declined to about once a quarter, which seems to be a reasonably comfortable rate so I plan to continue something like that (When I've gotten newsletters too often, I start tuning them out).

Since the last newsletter, I started and finished a weblog on Although I generally liked as a service (it's free, for one thing), they haven't put enough thought into the feedback system, so it falls prey to trolls and blog spam. The posted articles will still remain on the blogger site,

I have now moved the weblog to

I am still occasionally posting periodic (longer, more in-depth) articles on my site, but I will announce these on the Artima blog, so if you subscribe to that feed (or just visit the blog regularly) you won't miss anything. I'll also announce things like seminars and travel plans on the blog, in case I'm coming to your city and you have a user group that you'd like me to speak to, or you need consulting, etc.

The blog will continue to focus on programming and computing-related issues; my assumption is that this is what you are interested in so I will try not to wax poetic about the cat, the snow, etc.
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