wikinews (wikinews) wrote in syn_promo,

Wikinews and blogging sources: Common objectives?

"Wikinews is a free content news source, and is a subproject of the Wikimedia Foundation. We seek to create a free source of news, where, provided that we can overcome the digital divide, every human being is invited to contribute reports about events large and small, either from direct experience, or summarized from elsewhere. Wikinews is founded on the idea that we want to create something new, rather than destroy something old. It is founded on the belief that we can, together, build a great and unique resource which will enrich the media landscape."

1 --> I have added the RSS feed wikinews_latest
2 --> Any ideas of how community news sources(wikinews) could form a symbiosis with community scrutiny of political events(LJ)

Comments welcome.
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