Christopher Parker (cparker) wrote in syn_promo,
Christopher Parker

Sci Fi Wire (Podcast)

I've created a syndicated account to accompany the latest mailing of Sci's weekly newsletter. In it is introduced a weekly podcast for Sci Fi Wire: scifiwire_pcast

There's also a plaintext feed (and corresponding syndicated account, which I did not create) for the Sci Fi Wire's content: scifiwire

The Sci Fi Wire is the news service of the Sci Fi channel. Is is--more or less--the "print" version of Sci's weekly newsletter.

NOTE: Sci's weekly newsletter and Science Fiction Weekly (a.k.a.: Sci Fi Weekly) are two separate newsletters; Sci's weekly newsletter deals strictly with the Sci Fi channel, whereas Sci Fi Weekly is a more "general-purpose" newsletter that deals with anything related to science fiction.
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