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Several new writing based feeds, and a couple of old ones

headheartauth - the Authors and editors weblog feed - it's due more updates now that the project is open to other writers :)
krbyrss - yahoo feed of 'Kai's resource bulletin' - a feed of a newsletter for writers
tearfreetechlog - techie advice mk 1 - mk 2 being thewebmo - two sites for the discussion and tearing apart of tech.
kaiswrite is my own writing based weblog, talking about the joy, sorrow and fun it is to be a professional writer, and how unlike 'the dream' it is.
kaigael is a discussion on writing and balancing freelancing from home with everything else - its seemingly really interesting to see how one person manages 40 sites, and how sane they are in the first place ;)
and finally gaelbootcamp is the blog attached to the 'bootcamp' project, a motivation project for writers that some of my freinds and I run.

Hope to see you there!
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