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New World Heresiarch

'Evening, everyone.

Just dropping in to let y'all know about a feed from the main blog at New World Heresiarch: "a new project dedicated to tracking and analyzing current events, cultural movements and historical trends relating to secularism, humanism and freethought in America and beyond--and, on the flip side, the trends in religious and evangelical activism in politics and culture with which we have to negotiate our progress."
The feed is here:

The site just came up recently, but there's a little bit there so far, and there are fairly regular updates. The blog is the big part of it, but other sections, features/reviews and such, will be added as time goes on. One feature, Harry Potter and the Culture Crusades, is already up and running, another, The Founding Fathers Project is slated to start by the end of the month. More will almost certainly be coming, and all updates will be noted in the main blog, just to keep it simple.

If you're up for it, go check it out.
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