D Kai Wilson (kaiberie) wrote in syn_promo,
D Kai Wilson

Senses and rhetorics

kaisense 'A skewed perspective on an insane world' - Acclaimed writer DK Wilson talks about everything she is learning - from the pyschology and psyedo-sociologial 'stuff' that goes on in her immediate world, to how personality and perspective are subjective, and all things inbetween.
kaibe_off Outspoken, wild and mad (not exccentric, she doesn't have the money component ;)) D Kaiberie Wilson uses her blog at Kaiberie.com to talk about all of the things in her 'professional' scope of interest - from politics to rhetoric, literature and publishing to understanding mental health in a positive light.

Hope to see some of y'all there, though don't worry, the templates aren't ready yet.
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