Ruthlilycat (ruthlilycat) wrote in syn_promo,

I have a ton of RSS'd feeds

Most of them I did myself, others were already here.  A lot of them won't show up on the syn list as they don't have enough people.

Enjoy!  (please, no neg comments or flames).  Thanks!

_miss_manners, about_altmed, about_euhistory, about_exercise, about_spanish, about_stress, about_vegtarian, about_walking, aboutfreebies, ancienthistory, apartmentalist, apod, askyahoo, awfulplasticsur, bbc_scitech, bestweekever, biblegtewy_votd, blog_of_death, bpnews, bush_04_daily, bush_04_today, ca_getfuzzy, cheese_diaries, comic_bc, comic_mutts, coolgov_atom, curbed, dailydish_goss, daybydaycartoon, defamer_atom, dictionary_wotd, dilber3, dirsonnoticias, drudgerptarchv, drudgerptrecap, dykestwofstrip, eljaydee, eognnewsfeed, epod_feed, esv_daily_verse, fodors, fuzzy_get, gawker_rss, gmailgems, goodplasticsurg, googlenews_span, gopusa_rss, hot_property, housingbubble2, hundred_acres, is_libra, jacksonfuller, kittenbreak, lifehacker, ljd2, malkin_feed, mallsofamerica, medianews, meditationblog, medscapenews, michellemalkimm, mortgage_weblog, motivationquote, mozilla_exts, natlgeographic, new_rss_feed, newscientrss, newyorkertoon, ntlscrabbleasoc, nutritionblog, nyt_fashion, nyt_homegarden, online_books, oslo_fotoblog, parisfan, pcw_downloads, photograblog, photoshop_blog, pmcf_word_spy, qotdrss, re_buyernews, realestatenews, ripleys_feed, sciam, scotus_today, sew_rss_feed, sfexaminer_biz, sfexaminer_eats, sfexaminer_news, sfexaminer_opin, sfexaminer_trav, sfgate_bayarea, sfgate_biz, sfgate_news, sfgateentertain, shutter_junkie, sjmn_living, sjmn_mrroadshow, smokinggunrss, snoopy_feed2, snopes_dot_com, spacedotcom, spyware_warrior, stereogum_xml, surreal_estate, tastingmenu, the_raw_story, thestraightdope, thesuperficial, times_top_art, todone, travel_hunters, ubc_botany, underneathrobes, webster_wotd, wizard_of_id, wonkette, worldwidewords, wwwords_updates, yahoo_sp_entert, yahoo_span_news, yahoo_word
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