mercifully free of the ravages of intelligence (fishfoo) wrote in syn_promo,
mercifully free of the ravages of intelligence

Two More Warblogs.

I seem to be in the habit of creating or publicizing libertarian warblogs the last few days, so here are a couple more.

One is Steven Den Beste's blog USS Clueless, created as uss_clueless. Largely a warblog. I think someone else may have created this syndic already, as when I attempted to create it it already had two subscribers; I've not seen it publicized here, though.

The other is Michele Catalano's blog A Small Victory. Sometimes a warblog, sometimes a personal blog, sometimes a metablog. Created as smallvictory.

I have received Ms. Catalano's permission to syndicate her site here; I've emailed Mr. Den Beste notifying him of his syndication here, but have not yet received a response.
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