Rachel Coleman (rmc28) wrote in syn_promo,
Rachel Coleman

Bad Science is a regular column in the UK newspaper, The Guardian, providing a critical look at science reporting in the media. It's written by Dr Ben Goldacre, who has made all the articles published since 2003 available at http://www.badscience.net/ as well as providing a feed of new articles as they get published. Updates once or twice a week. I set the feed up as bad_science.

Mentioned in one of the Bad Science articles is the National electronic Library for Health's "Hitting the Headlines" service. This produces summaries of news stories within 48 hours of their publication, assessing the reliability of both the journalists' reporting of health stories and the research on which they are based. The NeLH is run by the UK's National Health Service. Updates several times a week, in response to what hits the news. I set the feed up as nehl_headlines
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