playful infomagic (infomagic) wrote in syn_promo,
playful infomagic

Below are few recent feeds I recently added to LJ (or I feel I added – in some cases it can be somebody's else labor, sorry if this is so, blame my poor memory, not bad intention).

abstractdynamic - abstract dynamics is a network, and it is a networked tactic: contributions to that growing set of discreet information on design, networks and culture, by Abe Burmeister & William Blaze.

a_s_blog - blog of The Adam Smith Institute, a UK think-tank on free-market policies & innovation.

law_ethics_rss - interdisciplinary forum for legal and ethical issues related to the brain and cognition.

rssphilwindley - Technometria blog, by Phil Windley, on the technology - including software development, enterprise computing, computer science - and making sense of all of it.
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