The Man Who Wasn't There (scarcrest) wrote in syn_promo,
The Man Who Wasn't There

New syndicated feed

steveearleradio syndicates the program list for The Revolution Starts Now, country-rock maverick Steve Earle's weekly music program on Air America Radio. The site will point you toward the archives where each episode is posted the Monday morning after its Sunday night broadcast, and also tells you (about the middle of each week) who's on for the coming weekend.

The radio network's unapologetically liberal, as is Steve, but 75 percent of the shows have been 80 percent nonpolitical, focused more on the music. Guests like Emmylou Harris, Stephen King, Chuck D, Conor Oberst (of Bright Eyes), and Jonathan Demme come in and play their favorite music for an hour, discussing what the songs mean to them. And if you don't like their politics, no one's forcing anyone to join.
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