Aliza with the long dark hair (aliza250) wrote in syn_promo,
Aliza with the long dark hair

The Scotsman: Lazy Guide to Net Culture

I've enjoyed this newspaper column on the web for a long time. Now you can get it as

This guy writes a weekly column about, well, it seems like whatever he wants. Topics have included silly websites, geek toys, special-interest blogs, collations of election predictions (UK and US), classic video games, urban legends...

To describe it in the author's own words:
If you want to appear like you’re at the cutting edge of net culture but can’t be bothered to spend hours online, then never fear.’s pathetic team of geeks, freaks and gimps will do the hard work for you. While you sip wine, read a book or engage in normal social interaction, they will burn out their retinas staring at badly designed web pages and dodge creeps in chatrooms to prepare for you:’s lazy guide to net culture.

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