The Strongest Man In The World (fatherbingo) wrote in syn_promo,
The Strongest Man In The World

The funniest webcomic, drawn by a 10 year-old

My 10 year-old sister draws a webcomic. It's damn funny and gets updated every Monday. angrymancomics
My name is Marcelyn Lebovitz, and I'm 10 years old. I am writing to you because I'm the creator of the coolest comic ever. It's called "Angryman" and it's about a guy named Angryman who gets over crazy about things like someone saying hi to him. When he gets angry, his head explodes and he has to glue it back on.

I started Angryman at school when I finished some class work. I thought it was dumb at first, but my older brothers
thought it was really funny. So, they made a website for my comics. My website is called  There will be a new comic every Monday.

Everyone who reads my comics thinks they're funny, so I think you will like them too.
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