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I created a number of syndicated accounts for the various IGN Entertainment feeds (IGN runs sites such as Gamespy, Team XBox, 3D Gamers etc.), so you now can choose exactly which news you want to see on your friends page.
ign_all_rss (old)
ign_pc_rss (new)
ign_ps2_rss (new)
ign_ps3_rss (new)
playstationport (old)
ign_xbox_rss (new)
ign_xbox360_rss (new)
igncubefeed (old)
igngameboyfeed (old)
igndsfeed (old)
ign_wreless_rss (new)
ign_ngage_rss (new)
ign_cheats_rss (new)
ign_flmfrce_rss (new)
ign_dvd_rss (new)
ign_cars_rss (new)
ign_music_rss (new)
ign_gear_rss (new)
ign_comics_rss (new)
ign_babes_rss (new)
ign_insider_rss (new)

gamespy_feed (old)
gamespy_pc (new)
gamespy_xbox (new)
gamespy_ps (new)
gamespy_cube (new)
gamespy_gb (new)
gamespy_ngage (new)
gamespy_misc (new)

Rotten Tomatoes:
ktleyed (old)
rt_intheaters (new)
rt_topmovies (new)
rt_opening (new)
rottentomatoes (old)
rt_fresh (new)
rt_completedvds (new)
rt_topdvds (new)
rt_newdvds (new)
rt_freshdvds (new)
ask_men (old)

Team XBox:
teamxbox_latest (new)
teamxbox (old)
txbox_xboxnews (new)
txbox_360news (new)
txbox_xboxlive (new)
txbox_hardware (new)
teamxb_games (old)
txbox_screens (new)
txbox_movies (new)
txbox_consoles (new)
txbox_platform (new)
txbox_industry (new)
txbox_rumours (new)
txbox_e3pre (new)
txbox_e3show (new)
txbox_offtopic (new)

Voodoo Extreme:
voodoo_extreme (new)

IGN vaults:
ignv_anarchy (new)
ignv_asheron2 (new)
ignv_asheron (new)
ignv_coheroes (new)
ignv_dnd (new)
ignv_camelot (new)
ignv_everquest2 (new)
ignv_everquest (new)
ffvault (old)
gwvault (old)
ignv_lineage2 (new)
ignv_middlearth (new)
ignv_nverwinter (new)
ignv_swgalaxies (new)
mxo_vault (old)
warcraft_vault (old)

Gamespy Planets:
gs_planetsims (new)

3D Gamers:
3dgamers_feed (old)

I have also included existing accounts for completeness. Enjoy.
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