patchwork calico (patchcali) wrote in syn_promo,
patchwork calico

Comic Alert feeds

These are various comic feeds from "Comic Alert". They display only a clickable link to the comic, without ganking the image from the creator's site. Might not be as pretty or convenient as seeing the image right there in your page, but they are bandwidth friendly.

ca_getfuzzy -- Get Fuzzy
ca_bizarro -- Bizarro
ca_zits -- Zits
calvinhobbesurl -- Calvin & Hobbes
ctrlaltdelcom -- Ctrl+Alt+Del
fborfw_alert -- For Better or For Worse
foxtrot_url -- FoxTrot
nonsequitur_url -- Non Sequitur
roseisrose -- Rose Is Rose

See also: This older post about multiple Dilbert Comic Alert feeds. And Google.
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