Qweltor (qweltor) wrote in syn_promo,

Running podcasts

What other running or fitness podcasts do you listen to? Is there anything that I'm missing out on?

runcastweekly: Runcast Weekly is focused on tips for the amateur runner, not the quote-unquote "expert."
tri_garage_feed: Zen and the Art of Triathon - An athlete's (specifically a triathlete) podcast, "Listen in for insider tips, methods, dealing with family, injury, traveling, and racing. Tune in, turn on, and work out."
arthur_vance: Arthur Vance -- "Life and times of songwriting, running and technology"
simplystu_rss: SimplyStu Triathlon Podcasts -- "Triathlete's day to day thoughts, perspectives, and all out joy of triathlons. Live it. Love it. TRI it."
running_radio: Why didn't I think of this?!? "It is a really simple idea. We sit around, drink beer, and talk about running. We drink a different beer each week."

phedippidation: Phedippidation -- "Steve Runner is a husband, father, engineer, and distance runner. Phedippidations is a thirty minute Internet Radio PodCast that is produced weekly and made available for listening during weekend long runs."


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