ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote in syn_promo,
ruthless compassion

Cluechick & Emergent Chaos

I just recently started reading cluechick_feed, which is written by a woman who's done a lot of dating and hooking up online. She mostly focuses on Craig's List personals but talks about all sorts of stuff, especially advice for men trying to meet women online.

From her FAQ on why she's writing the blog:

"Short form: I want more good responses to my ads.

"Long form: I’m pro-sex. I think people who want to have sex should be able to have sex, and I’m in favor of two or more people who want sex to be able to get together and make it happen. The more sex people who want sex get, the happier they are, and the better a place the world is.

"Also, it would be nice to improve the level of quality of responses to my (and other women’s) CL posts, and I know it’s pretty demoralizing for the guys out there, too."

I also enjoy emergent_chaos, which is a kind of geeky security blog that keeps track of security and privacy breaches and discusses the changing landscape of information and privacy given the challenges of new technologies.
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