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Originally posted by ShadowBlue: I'm deleting that entry because of the bad HTML. Sorry ShadowBlue, but this stuff is all the same, just in correct table codes.

Alright, I went crazy with syndication today, so there are five new feeds for your consumption and appreciation:

• janes_feedJane's Information Group [], news and analysis on defense, politics, the military, and all sorts of crazy things.
• xinhua_newsXinhua News Agency [], from China, in English. Good for an eastern perspective, although it is state-controlled, just so you know. Interestingly, they seem to report big world events more promptly than BBC & CNN.
• japan_timesThe Japan Times [], Japan's biggest English daily.
• deutsche_welleDeutsche Welle Top World News [], Germany's international broadcasting service, in English.
• le_monde_intlLe Monde's top International stories [], "le premier site français d'information". French only.

Okay, so I did go a little nuts.
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