toketsu (toketsu) wrote in syn_promo,

Videogame Feeds

I created some videogame-related feeds.

1up_nds_news - Nintendo DS news from 1Up.
1up_ps2_news - Sony PlayStation 2 news from 1Up.
1up_ps3_news - Sony PlayStation 3 news from 1Up.
1up_reviews_rss - 1Up Reviews.
gaf_rss - GamesAreFun news.
gamescience_rss - Game-Science news.
ic_rss - insert credit news.

One of them was just created, so, it may take a while before it begins to syndicate. For 1Up, I would've done feeds for some of the other consoles, but, I wasn't really interested in reading news from the other consoles... So, I didn't.

edit: I should also mention, I made a feed for Quiter -- a respectable Japanese news site. Obviously, won't be of much interest to you unless you can read it. guiter_rss. And yes, I did make a typo when creating the feed on LiveJournal. Oh well.
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