Rika Youngblood (liveavatar) wrote in syn_promo,
Rika Youngblood

My friend Greta Christina writes a regular twice-a-month column for the website Adult Friend Finder, where she reviews porn and sex toys and such. Her main site hooks you up with links to those columns, as well as links to her "books, essays, columns, movie reviews, other reviews, features, interviews, fiction, irate letters, song parodies, and assorted commercial copy".

And the LJ feed I just set up to her blog, at </a></b></a>greta_christina, will put you in touch with not only all of the above, but also her more casual blog writing. The most recent blog post is a witty comparison of porn and musicals -- why do we complain that porn has no plot when movie musicals get away with the barest hint of a story?

She's a sharp and humorous writer. Enjoy.
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