Andy Lester (petdance) wrote in syn_promo,
Andy Lester

Right-wing feeds reposted, this time with comments enabled

(The original posting of this stuff didn't include the ability to add comments, which isn't surprising considering the content. I've reposted it here, with the ability to add comments.)

Is LiveJournal too leftist for your liking?

Tired of Democrats who try to find somebody to blame instead of trying to find a solution to the real problems of the world?

Do you support the President, the war against terror, the spread of democracy, our heroic troops, and the future security of our nation?

There's a place for you.

blogs_for_bush - The award-winning feed supporting the 43rd President of the United States. Get all the latest updates on America's domestic and foreign affairs, including the truth that the mainstream media doesn't want you to know.

daybydaycartoon - "Day By Day," the cartoon that realizes that the right wing can be funny, too..... only on purpose.

malkin_feed - Conservative columnist Michelle Malkin..... as bright as she is beautiful!

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