damian willcox (dorkboycomics) wrote in syn_promo,
damian willcox

comics, and such...

hello my name is damian, and yes this is a mostly shameless post coming from a mere shell of a man kindly asking if you would have it in your heart to take a look at my comics feed...


I make comics about characters like "Scooterboy" a stickman with a scooter (that he has recently brought to life in a laboratory accident in the last few episodes), a well dressed, naive grim reaper "Skully" who has let life get him down, "workin jones" a regular "jo(n)e(s)" more in the slice of life pacing of things, "dorkboy" a ridiculous non hero, and many miscellaneous cartoons falling under my "101 things to do when you're young & foolish" title ranging from sad glimpses of life to talking rumcake encounters at bus stops.
to get an idea of what these are like you can visit my archives of the last 8 or so years...

I try to update weekly, although this past week has been exceptional as I have updated 3 times or so!

ok, that's all...if you made it this far, thank you.

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