Vodex (vodex) wrote in syn_promo,

Feeds from ComputerWorld and ThinkVitamin

I have created a whole bunch of feeds from ComputerWorld:

computerworld (erm actually this one was already made, news items)

compworld_bi Business Intelligence
compworld_dev Development
compworld_hware Hardware
compworld_mng IT Management
compworld_net Networking
compworld_secur Security
compworld_strg Storage
compworld_study QuickStudy 'technology primers'
compworld_sware Software
compworldcareer Careers

(there are a few more on their feeds page but I'm not interested in them, ask & I'll add)

and the rather more Web 2.0-y Vitamin , 'A resource for web developers, designers and entrepreneurs':

vitamin_web Master feed, (but currently LJ complains it is too big, so use the below)
vitamin_iviews Interviews
vitamin_news News
vitamintraining Training
vitaminreviews Reviews
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