war artist (war_artist) wrote in syn_promo,
war artist

Beautiful things...

I read much more than I write... much, much more. And so, I was perusing blogs this afternoon and found one that looked sort of interesting and promising:


From the blog itself:

"This is not about random acts of kindness, though it might be sometimes. It is also not about a physical make-over, but that, too, might happen once or twice over time. This is about changing the aesthetics of our everyday lives. It is about looking, listening, reacting, and feeling differently. I am not a therapist, a writer of self-help texts, nor am I one of those 'save-the-world' types. I am simply an average person, attempting to live an above average life.

If you wish to participate, blog how you went about the week's suggested activity and link back here, to the original post."

It doesn't look like it's 'begun' yet, but I think I'm going to give it a go when it does. I could use a little more beauty in my life... I think.
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